Picnics, Movies, Happy Hours and more!!!

Who doesn't know this satisfying feeling of talking to someone after many hours of hard work in the lab? Who doesn't want to see real people after spending most of their time with computers, spectrometers, lasers, or papers?

The Lawrence Livermore Postdoc Association and in particular the social events team (Kirsten Howley and Andre Schleife), tries hard to offer some possibilities of mental distraction to you guys so that you can spend part of your off hours together with fellow postdocs who also need some relaxing in their free time.

Movie Night

One example was the movie night that was set up at "The Vine" cinema in Livermore on April 11, 2012. More than one hundred postdocs from the Lab enjoyed pizza, hot dogs, beverages, and "Dr. Strangelove" (ranked #34 in IMDB's top 250 films) in a cozy atmosphere.

Annual Postdoc Picnic

A little bit later in 2012, the biggest and most recent event was our annual Postdoc Barbeque that we had on July 13 in the beautiful Del Valle Regional Park. More than 90 tickets were sold and Lab members as well as their friends and families showed up, many of them even wearing the LLNL Postdoc T-Shirt! This annual Barbeque is always great fun and a wonderful opportunity to also meet postdocs that are not directly working in the same field. It takes place at a very nice location with plenty of opportunity to chat, mingle, and do some sports. Here is the newsletter article that gives you an impression of the 2012 Barbeque.

Regular Lunches and Happy Hours

In addition, in 2012 we had three Happy Hours and one of them even turned into a Karaoke night. There were monthly lunches at local restaurants, and we had two nice clubbing nights out in San Francisco. We constantly plan new events, however, we also want you to get involved! The entire bay area is full of exciting and interesting opportunities, so why not explore some of them with like-minded people from the lab? No matter if you just want to show up for the events or if you even want to organize something yourself, we count on you! Just shoot us an e-mail with your idea or your feedback, we are, sincerely, looking forward to hearing from you.

Brighter Holidays

Along with many other organizations at LLNL, the post-doc association sponsors a family every holiday season through Brighter Holidays. Brighter Holidays matches donors, such as the LLPA, with families and elders in the Livermore area to meet their basic needs during the holiday season. This winter we sponsored a family with four kids, whose father has passed away. The mother runs a cleaning business. We also sponsored a retired woman, whose family lives far away.

The post-doc community was very generous with their donations and we were able to provide the family with a christmas tree, new clothes, shoes, and toys, including old video games. Their electricity bill was also paid from our donations! In addition, we were able to sponsor an elder woman who lives alone in an assisted living community. A handful of post-docs volunteered to wrap and then drop off the presents and visit with the family and elder lady.