Postdoc Newsletter: Paper/Work

Paper/Work is the official newsletter of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's postdoc community. The Paper/Work newsletter is expanding and here's what you can expect to see in each issue:
Feature Article
Feature Articles are medium-length or long-length articles authored by postdocs and covering topics of interest to the wider postdoc community.

Exit Interview
The LLNL postdoc community is very large, and as a result, there is a high flux of postdocs. The Paper/Work team interviews postdocs who are leaving the Lab in an effort to help share their experience with the postdoc community.

Career Development
The nature of the postdoc position is such that every postdoc must think about what will happen after their position ends. The Career Development section of the newsletter provides advice and resources to postdocs to help them with their next steps.

Advice Column NEW!
A biweekly advice column from Miss Mannerisms, who responds to readers' letters and answers questions about manners, politeness, and etiquette in all things scientific and non-scientific.

The Soap Box NEW!
A biweekly column with tips about developing your public speaking skills. These skills will help improve your presentations, talks, and lectures, as well as your everyday communication and interaction with others.

Notes from the Director
Postdoc-related highlights from the Lab's Notes from the Director

The Paper/Work newsletter keeps track of peer-reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings that have been published with LLNL postdocs in the authors list. Paper/Trail is the record of these publications.

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