Institutional Postdoc Program Board

The LLNL postdoctoral program is governed by the Institutional Postdoc Program Board (IPPB), which exemplifies the Lab's commitment to sustaining a vital and robust postdoctoral program. This Board is charged with defining roles and responsibilities for the program participants, evaluating the quality and impact of the program, and providing broad-based managerial support for postdoctoral researchers at LLNL. The Board also fosters career development for postdocs of all scientific disciplines through annual poster presentations, science days, an ongoing career development seminar series, and a networking group that organizes informal social activities for postdocs.

Director: Kris Kulp
Administrative Staff: Christine Zachow
Members-at-large: Vincenzo Lordi, Abhinav Bhatele
Postdoc Representative: Nicholas Be

Directorate points-of-contact:
Computation: David Buttler
Engineering: Dan White
Global Security: Chris Hartmann
National Ignition Facilty: Lori Souza
Physical and Life Sciences: Annie B. Kersting
Weapons Complex and Integration: Heather Whitley