LLPA Leadership Council

The LLPA council at LLNL acts as a connection between the postdoctoral community and the IPPB. The purpose of the coucil is to help foster a community environment among LLNL postdocs, thereby providing a peer support network. The LLPA council organizes lunches in either of the Cafeterias or offsite, an annual barbeque in the summer, and various social gatherings (movie nights, happy hours, bocce ball, etc.) throughout the year. The council also produces and distributes a newsletter, and authors and edits a handbook and this web site.

President: André Schleife
Vice President: Nicholas Be
Newsletter Team: Charles Reid, David Alessi, Nicholas Be, David Martinez
Web Team: Abhinav Bhatele, Nicole Adelstein, Charles Reid
Social Events Team: Kirsten Howley, André Schleife
Career Development Team: Nicholas Be
IPPB Staff Representatives: Kris Kulp, Christine Zachow
Members-at-large: Paul Martinez, Jessica Osuna, Chris Schroeder, Lance Simms, Liam Stanton, Eric Wang, Heather Whitley